You can now get your special message “in-lights” with our LED Outfield signage at Haymarket Park.  Whether you want to recognize somebody’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement or any other special accomplishment; or if you want to promote your company outing, sports team or organization at the ballpark, the Haymarket Park LED technology gives you the flexibility to do this during the games.

Your special message will be displayed randomly throughout the game on our 30’ LED boards located in the centerfield area on the outfield wall.  Your message will appear 6-8 times during a game and each time your message appears it will be shown for 2 minutes.

Please provide the text for the greeting using no more than 100 characters (letters, spaces, punctuation). If you would like to include an image or logo in the message; contact the Saltdogs Office for more information.  All orders must be made 48 hours before the start of the game.

No Refunds on Announcements